Appointment Confirmation

Once you have booked an appointment you will receive an email from us. Please check your spam/ junk folder if you have not received in your inbox. If you have requested for a video consultation you will receive a video link. If however during the consultation it becomes apparent that a video call is required then a link will be sent during the consultation. There will be no additional charge for the video consultation.

Issuing Prescription

Once you have finished the consultation the doctor will ask you about where to send the prescription. Please note that the prescription can be sent only via email to the pharmacist. We have a database of emails of pharmacists/chemists in the NW London region who will accept the prescription by email. Please be aware that there are only a few chemists who are available during Out Of Hours (OOH) and the doctor will be able to give you their names when issuing the prescription.


Important information for New patients

If a new patient books an appointment only for getting their usual/repeat prescription, it will be issued only at the discretion of the consulting doctor. The doctor will require proof of previous prescriptions, hospital/consultant letter to allow for safe prescribing. These must be sent to us by email at the time of registering along with other documents (Please see registering new patient). The consultation fee for the appropriate advice will still apply, even if a prescription is not issued. No refund will be issued in such cases.

Follow up

At the end of your consultation the doctor will also advice you about the need for further tests and/or examination during daytime and should be able to book an appointment at Dr Benn’s Surgery right there for you. A follow up call will be made by the consulting doctor within the next 24 hrs of having an OOH consultation as part of the service. Also, please note that there will NOT be any further charge for the consultation during Office hours , ONLY if the consultation involves the same complaint as discussed during OOH. You should contact Dr Benn’s surgery on 02089588557 during office hours. Fees for the additional services such as blood test, urine test, swabs, ear syringing, ECG, referral to specialist or any other letters & forms shall be payable to Dr Benn’s surgery.